Kevin Edwards comes from Yorkshire, studied at the Royal Manchester College of Music and University of York. He still lives in Yorkshire, having contributed much to the area's music, originally within Bands such as the James Shepherd Versatile Brass and Grimethorpe. He was, for a time, conductor of the Vermuyden Concert Band based in Doncaster. He has been an extra percussionist with Opera North and its orchestra for more than twenty years, and played in a very varied selection of small ensembles, including DreamTiger the London based contemporary music group, and Cirrus, a quartet prepared to play literally anything "legal and decent"! He retired as assistant director of Doncaster Schools' Music Service in 2009 and is always looking for new challenges. Kevin has also taught in Germany, Norway and twice tutored the National Youth Brass Band of Switzerland.







His wife, Diane, is a guitarist and teacher. Here they are with Granddaughter Evie who was born in November 2008.




The Tuneseeker website project was begun by Kevin in 2009 as an idea he had been meaning to try out after coming across the book "A Dictionary of Musical Themes". It is designed to help you identify tunes by just working out whether the notes in the tune go up, down or stay the same. Why not give it a go?