IMPORTANT NOTE about version 3.00 onwards:

On a shared computer, ALL users of the standard version must do an installation from their own user account. This ensures that their own language folder is properly installed and updated in the future.


Installing on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10



Download the imdsetup file below.

Run the installer and follow the instructions.




Download for Windows version 3.86

Installing on Mac (10.4 - 10.14)


Download the imdinstaller file below.

Run the dmg file and work through the installation.

The program is installed into the main Applications directory and default diary file will be in a folder called In My Diary in your documents folder


Download for Mac version 3.83 (This 32bit app will not work on versions from Catalina - 10.15.7 - onwards)


Installing on Linux


In My Diary on Linux can be used either by installing the Windows version and running it in the Wine emulator or by installing the native Debian package below (please note, at the moment In My Diary will only run on a 32 bit system). When installing using Wine, follow the instructions as for Windows, but you will need to set the executable property of the installer once you have downloaded it. Go to the folder where your browser stores its downloads and right-click over the imdsetup<version>.exe file. Select 'Properties' from the bottom of the list, click the permissions tab and tick the executable property box. Once installed you will find the program listed as a submenu to the Wine application.


When installing the native version which has been tested with Ubuntu, download the Debian binary package below and double-click it to run. Once installed you will find the program listed under the Office section of your applications.


If you are installing from new (never having used this application before on Linux) then the program should run after installation without issue.

HOWEVER - if you already have a native version installed, when you try to run this new version you might get a message telling you that your language folder has not been found. If this is the case you will need to follow the instructions here.


Download for Native Linux version 3.82 (32bit only, but may run on 64bit with appropriate libraries installed, although later versions of Linux are reporting problems, even with the 64bit libraries in place)


Pros and Cons of Wine v Native...


For some reason the Windows version running in the Wine emulator actually runs faster than the native version (pages turn more quickly etc.).


For users of 64bit operating systems, the Wine option is the only one available unless you have the necessary 32-bit libraries installed.


Dates prior to 1904 do not display correctly in the native Linux version. This might not be a problem for most people!


The native version does not allow for any printing of calendar or contacts.


Export to excel from the Full Address List and list of ticked addresses does not work with the Windows/Wine version. In the native version, the Excel alternative (Open Office etc.) deals with the export fine.


Data cannot be imported into In My Diary by dragging it to the Windows/Wine version (but the File menu now allows an alternative route). Dragging works fine in the native version.


My experience of Linux systems is limited, so if you have a problem with the native version I may not be able to help you.


..(and what would I recommend?)


Unless you have an aversion to using Wine as part of your Linux setup, and I can understand why some people do, then I would recommend using the Windows version running in the Wine emulator. The main reason for this is that it is more reliable across the various flavours of Linux. The tests I have carried out trying In My Diary on various versions of Ubuntu, Debian and Mint have resulted in several running anomalies which make it impossible for me to support and test the program reliably.  The emulated version is also quicker and allows for dates prior to 1904. In my opinion, these benefits outweigh the restrictions.



RiscOS 'Organizer' users can now import their diary, contacts and Journal into In My Diary. Instructions how to do this are here